CJK Glyphs
Dec 12, 2023 One minute

Test post for CJK Glyphs.

Custom JavaScript and CSS
Dec 11, 2023 2 minutes

With custom CSS and JavaScript you can change pretty much anything in heyo appearance or functionality, and it’s pretty simple, too!

Markdown Syntax Guide
Aug 7, 2023 3 minutes

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that can be used in Hugo content files, also it shows whether basic HTML elements are decorated with CSS in a Hugo theme.

Aug 7, 2023 2 minutes

Sketches are the pretty visualizations in heyo’s sidebar. The default ones were built using p5.js – a javascript library for creative coding.

Post Thumbnail
Aug 6, 2023 One minute en pt-br

You can now add thumbnails to your posts in heyo!

Callout shortcode
Aug 5, 2023 One minute en pt-br

Check it out, heyo has callouts now!

Table of Contents
Aug 4, 2023 One minute en pt-br

In heyo we can use the sidebar to display a Table of Contents!

Rendering Math Stuff
Aug 3, 2023 2 minutes en pt-br

This article shows how to configure your site with heyo theme to display $\LaTeX$.

Aug 1, 2023 2 minutes en pt-br

This article will show you how to add and customize badges in your posts.

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